Kim White

Flip Back Waist Belt - Multiple Colors


A unique waist belt that looks amazing with so many looks!  Soft leather with antique brass hardware. Cinch your slim looks or cinch your roomy jumpsuits -- or even long sweaters -- with this easy to wear belt. A front ring that you "flip" one side of the leather through then secure with a collar stud.  Viola! Instant hourglass!  Some people feel their waist is not small enough for waist belts, but that's just not the case because you can really create an hourglass shape with any size.  Cinch in your roomy clothes you've been wearing at the home office when you head out...and it's an instant shape shifter! There's no need for your waist to be tiny. You only need to create an hourglass shape!   Made of high-quality leather, backed in suede and sewn. Sizing (with 2" in each direction):  XS is 32", Small is 34", Medium is 36", Large is 38".

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